Monday, September 11, 2006

Election day

I am a pirate. There I said it. A bit late perhabs but none the less, it's been said. The election day here in Sweden is drawing closer and I have now become, again a bit late, an active participant. On the election day I will be delivering election slips. I do this, not because I feel filesharing of illegal content should be allowed, but to give the government a slap on the cheek. To try to make them understand that it is time to reform our patent laws. Not only ours, for that sake, but all of Europes, in fact the whole world should rejoice at this happy occation when will try to make information freely available to all people. This information wealth is only good for our world. No longer should we be restricted nation boundries, no longer should all of the industrial nations take all the good parts of of the worlds knowledge. Information, files, should be distributed, as it is a t the cost of practicly nothing. The big companies will of course wrinkle their noses and say, hey that's ours, pay up, but this is for the good of the world. It is time for a new business modell. I applaude Universals decision to make their archives avaible for the cost of looking at a few ads. Not like we weren't looking at ads already, so hey, whats the difference. I have great hope for the future. Not we just need to close down the echelon project and all the other big american apspirations to control the flow of information. But, all in good time.

On another note is that I watched a google techtalk the othernight. This was concerning Apples Bonjour service, or Zero Configuration as it's known in the world of Windows. That is some interesting stuff! The guy, whose name already slipped my mind, suggested that we can all the alternative means of external communcation ports for the benefit of using network connections for all our information. Bye bye to USB, Firewire, Bluetooth, the old COM and Parallel ports. All might as well be done through the RJ45 adapter. It's speed, for one example, is greater. USB2.0 with 365ish Mb/s, silly old com, which I still don't know what there still doing here. Firewire... come on. Isn't that redundant then I don't know what is. The future is in Bonjour, and of course in wireless. If we ever can get it to work properly. I will probably regret this statement in a year or so. But what they heck, it's good to know we evolve from something...

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