Thursday, September 02, 2010

Downloading made easy

It was a while since I had a sweet setup like this. This time im gonna document it for future reference.
The topic at hand is the big hassle of downloading torrent files. You gotta search for the file on the web, open it with a torrentprogram and so on. Well the thing is i'd rather have my server handle all the downloading so my laptops won't get so excited all the time. Not to mention the problem of sharing these files between different viewing sites. Well uTorrent has this, have had for a long while, webgui interface. Just enable the Web UI setting under preferences and your on your way.
Default setting is port 8080, which must be activated and allowed in the local firewall. uTorrent doesn't handle that part of the forwarding by itself.
So now we have a nice little webpage we can log into and add our files and let the server manage the downloading. We just share the download folder on our private GB-network and access it all from anywhere in the network.

But it's still a hassle, and the webpage is slow you say... I know what you mean. Therefore, enter the Firefox addin "bittorrent webui". Don't let the name fool you. It actually does support uTorrent aswell as some other torrentpro grams we wont go into. So install this nifty tool and configure it register to our server and now, now all we need to do is click on a .torrent file on any site and it starts to download on the server.

Very handy and effective.
Next time, we cover the fully automated rss downloading feature in uTorrent. Very nifty when we want to follow a tv-series and such as.


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