Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Backup Exec migration

When I recenty upgraded a backup exec server to x64. I needed to do a completed reinstall so I needed a way to migrate my selection lists and jobs. I found this method was very straightforward and worked perfectly! The idea is to copy the entire database straight over.

1. Stop all backup exec and sql services on the old server

2. Copy catalogs and Data catalogs from Backup Exec directory to a temporary location.

3. Do the reinstallation and install backup exec again.

4. Stop all backup exec and sql services.

5. Copy catalogs and data directories onto existing.

6. Start services again.

7. Use beutility and choose Copy Database, pick your newly copied databasefiles from the data catalogue.

8. Use Beutlity to Update configuration for New Media Server Name.

9. Restart.

Some small issues that had to be resolved afterwards…

Devicepools – Backup exec also imported the old devices onto the new installation. This causes conflicts with the deviceids and if the device isn’t the same as before it needs to be removed.

All policies will retarget jobs to All Devices after this so these will need  to be reconfigured.

In my case, there where some B2D-devices that couldn’t be removed from the devicetab. The solution was to remove them directly from the the database table. Open up SQL Management Studio and remove the old devices from table dbo.devices . Problem solved.

Selection Lists shows only All Resources – image

Issue with selection lists being empty, both when editing a existing lists and creating a new. Though through View Selection Details you could actually see the selections on a existing list. Also when trying to show the User Selection Lists this error was displayed image

This was resolved by changing the System logon Account under Network> Logon Accounts to better reflect the new server.


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