Monday, June 11, 2012

IE9 + Outlook 2003 = preview.js

Problem started when installing IE9 on a Remote Desktop Server running Server 2008 with Outlook 2003 installed. 2003 you say? Yes it’s a customer licens and they don’t want to upgrade.

Symptoms: Script error displayed when trying to print an email image

Solution 1:

Create a DWORD and name it "Force RTF Printing" (without the ") and give it the value 1 (hex).

This has to be done for all users, which isn’t optimal.

Solution 2:

Create Fonts catalog in %homedrive%\%homepath%\ In this case h:\Windows\Fonts

This solution seemed easier to automate so went with this.

Rolled out via GPO Preference for this particular RDServer. image


Don’t forget checkbox for “Run in logged-on users sec….”.


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