Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sharepoint 2013 and SQL Management Studio

Just installed Sharepoint Server 2013 in standalone mode. We need to migrate a sharepointsite to new environment. But for me to able to a attach-databaseupgrade I need to get into the SQL Server and do a restore of databases. Problem is, Management Studio wasn’t included with the Sharepoint SQL Expressinstallation. Unfortunatly the good old days of SQL Management Studio 2005 are now gone. Then, all I needed to do was download the management pack and install it. Then it was good to go. Not so now.
Firstly, there is no such nice standalone package. All I find to download are fully packaged solutions where basicly goes through the same tedious process you have to when installing SQL Server like you ordinary do, check all prereqs, install setuppackage, think a bit, check bla bla bla.
So I do this, choose add features to existing instance. Gets some error about “instance id required but missing” or even better when installing gets pass this point, instead there is no Management feature to found. What the #%¤  image
I just wanna restore a bloody database!
Fine, I get tired of this. Boot up a real SQL Management Studio from another server and tries to connect to sharepointinstance, but all to avail.
now I ready to punch things.
Back to searching for an answer. I briefly consider installing a proper SQL 2008 r2 standard instead, but no, I can’t give in now.
Finally I found something
When I instead choose New installed or add shared features in the installation package, I finally get the much sought after Management Tools – Basic option!image
Right, now be sure to uncheck Database Engine! Otherwise you’ll get a whole new instance dragging down your poor server.
Ok, so the solutions was pretty simple. Once you know where to go, but I did this is in a labenvironment and could be somewhat more casual about doing the new installationoption. In a production environment I usually tread more lightly. image
Anyway why must it be so unlogical Microsoft?
Searching the net for this issue gave me plenty of peers with the same issue so at least Im not the only dumbfounded out there.

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