Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Deploy printer through GPO

So I recently acquired an old printer for my home network. It’s a usb-only device so I need to connect it to my Server 2012 Essentials Server. Printers didn’t automatically work like they did on my W8 computer. Apparently a security feature that stops Server 2008+ from looking at Windows Update for printer drivers.

Anyways I now need to deploy this printer to all my home computers. Now I can just go around and connect manually from all machines but how fun is that. So, I’ll deploy it from a group policy. Easy and done right? So using GPO preference I add the printer and deploy it to my user OU. Hmm, nothing happens. Instead I receive an Event 4098 : Specified printer driver was not found.

After a bit of trial and error I found the solution. Creating a different GPO like on picture below and deploying it on the root gpo node makes it work.


Not really good security practice but it’ll work for my home network.


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