Thursday, June 13, 2013

Removing a vm from hyper, forcefully

When moving around vhdx-files for Hyper-V machines the machine might get in a disconnected mode. Words like catastrophic failure and disconnected state where thrown around.

Well, Ive removed the files. I know nothing important is missing and I just want the vm gone from my HyperV Manager Console.

Didn’t work with powershell, remove-vm –name “bloodymachine” , gets error about state. This worked though:

  1. Stop Hyper-V services from HyperV Manager
  2. Go to : C:\Programdata\microsoft\windows\hyper-v\virtual machines and delete the GUID that is associated with the machine. If you don’t know find the GUID, just check created date. Really only recommended in a lab-environment.
  3. Start Hyper-V services and the menacing machine is vanquished

For really finding out GUID check out references

References: – finding out GUID HyperV – more GUID exploration guides.

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