Friday, August 30, 2013

Remote Desktop Services in 2012

In a customer environment they wanted to install RDS and DC on the same server. A nice cheap solution, which have worked perfectly fine in the past. Not so anymore. In Server 2012, RDS requires by default that
  1. A domain controller is present, aka server is member of a domain
  2. the RDS role cannot be installed on the DC
Which means, you need at least two servers for a working installation?
Well no, there is apparently a official workaround from microsoft. It was not easy to find so im posting it here for future reference or until I’ve had time to try it out.
Edit:  A colleague actually tried this out on several machines and it seemed to work as expected.
Solution: - Guidelines for installing the Remote Desktop Session Host role service on a computer running Windows Server 2012 without the Remote Desktop Connection Broker role service
References: - specs about rds 2012. - deprecated - changes - new ways of managing rds - – ms article regarding standalone rds


mwearl said...

"1.A domain controller is present, aka server is member of a domain"

Do you find this to be true on 2012 r2? I was told yesterday on a TechNet forum that running Remote Desktop Services in workgroup mode was possible and works fine. You just can't, as stated:
"...but you will not be able to use Server Manager to manage/configure RDS, or use virtually all of the RDS powershell cmdlets, and other RDS features. To manage things you would use a combination of group policy settings, wmi, and/or registry edits."

What are your thoughts?

Erik said...

Haven't tried it on R2. So no thoughts on that currently.