Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making Sharepoint Search better

Method for adding more relevant refiners to search. This method is relevant when using site content types for managing documents. For example having a MyDoc-Site Content Type with Site Column Department or labeling associated. This is handy when the enduser want a more relevant query filter.


  1. Make sure the column you want is
    1. a. Site Column
    2. b. Indexed on the list.
  2. Site Settings>Site Collection Administration>Search Schema
  3. Choose a refinable Managed Property depending on type of content. For example refinableString01
  4. Edit Refinable
    1. a. Change Alias to something more obvious
    2. b. Mappings to crawled Property > Add a mapping
    3. i. Search for the sought after crawled property. If theres more than one, choose one without ows_q in the name.
  5. Ok.
  6. Run new crawl.



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