Friday, December 12, 2014

Users cant create subsites with publishing template

Funny thing happend the other day…
Site migrated from sharepoint 2010 to 2013. Certain groups can’t create subsites using Publishing template. They really want to…
Owners and members of constructor group can work fine.
Groups are using custom permission level.

- Creating subsite with publishing or publishing with approval workflow results in :
              - EventID 4965 – Web Content Management – Couldt initate … properties
              - Server Error in ‘/’ Application – Runtime error
              - ULS throws errors when trying to create.
- Works for members of owner or constructor group.
- Works when creating a non-localized default format publishing site.
- Works when creating Team Site



- Added Apply Themes and Border, Apply Style Sheets permission for the custom permission levels
- Added the relevant groups with read permissions for the /devicechannels list on each Site Collection.


Lessons learned:

- Devicechannels is a new feature of sp2013, permissions aren’t added automaticly if using custom groups, permissions levels and allowing for custom css.

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