Thursday, May 17, 2007

Firefox going up in flames

Everyone who is in into computers and internet today have seen how the browser is getting more and more power. Rich applications are being developed by the dozen and standard programs are getting less and less spotlight. Well, unless you're a gamer then. Many professionals are saying the browser is becoming more and more like an OS. This is nice and all, but now I'm gonna get to the point. For the last 6 months or so, firefox has been acting kind weird when it's running under XP. It's behaving more and more like explorer.exe, that is hogging all the memory doing... what does an OS do on a saturday night? I dunno, but it shouldn't do stuff when I'm not.
To the point, I've been using Ubuntu the last year so I haven't been so disturbed by the fact that I've fixed it. Now however I've looked into it.
It seems that a LOT of people are having the same problem on the net. One would think it would be easier for me just to point towards the right direction. One would think...

Here's how it supposed to be solved. Doesn't do much, but it does something.
1. In firefox addressbar: about:config
2. Add new integer, name it "browser.cache.memory.capacity"
3. As value type -1
4. Depending on how much RAM give above new value:
RAM 128-512 : 5000
RAM 512-1024: 15000

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