Saturday, June 02, 2007

Virtual visions visualises with Vista

My first dust with Vista was short. Had it for a day. a lot of bling bling and then bac k to xp and ubuntu. Well since I bought a stronger computer I thought it was time to actually get to know the "new os of tomorrow". I suppose we all have to, at some point. Well, at least they implemented a nice event manager in Vista now. Really nice with filtered searches, possibility to save them och so on.
Anyway, that's not really why I posted this.

Well, im running Vista. Got 2GB memory. What can do with this? The answer is, run my own private virtual network. That's right, perfect conditions to set a couple of virtual clients and servers, maybe try out Server 2008, see how that's working. But here is the big "but", finding a virtualization software that runs on X64 Vista isn't a walk in the park. MS own Virtual Server R2 kept shutting me down, wouldn't even run installer. Xen Virtualization complained about my x64 bits processor, that was obviously, not, ok. Vmware was my first choice, knowing I would wanna run the machines from my linux systems, but that also had a... mysterious... teasing ability. I would run the installer, make my installation choices and entered installpath, the installation would run, almost finishing then ROLL BACK in last seconds. Without any warning or explaination!
Well I thought MS own virtualization software would run, so I left vmware alone and tried the other softwares. And they failed also. So I searched the net for solutions to Vmwares, and I found it. Enjoy.
1. Download VmWare Server 1.0.3
2. Open a cmd windows with admin rights
3. />Bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON
4. />bcdedit -set loadoptions \”DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
5. Run VmWare installation program with admin rights
6. Ok unsigned drivers.
This will remove driver signing, supposedly forever, I had to "ok" a few unsigned drivers to complete the Vmware installation. So the startup-configuration program ( bcdedit), denied access to installer before. Strangely enough it claimed that the drivers was useless and incomplete after the installation. But the program still worked to my satisfaction.

Vista just worries too much, kinda like my mother... computers just got a little less cool...


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