Sunday, June 20, 2010

Handy installation and uninstallation utilities

Clear your computer from unnecessary programs

When buying a new computer, it is very likely that the supplier has attached a lot of programs for you to evaluate. Often, this is applications that we simply do not want. With this begins the tedious work to uninstall the various trial versions of Office Package, antivirus software of dubious character and crapware which we will never use.
A tool to speed up this process is Pcdecrapifier.
No installation required, it is enough to run the file, which can be downloaded from their website.
At boot you choose which programs are undesirable. Thereafter the uninstallation process is started. The advantage of this app is you do not have to click and choose, and choose to wait again. Everything runs on automatic. A couple of OK on the road and your computer is free of crapware, as it so fittingly called.

Speed up installation of common applications and additional

For installation of a new computer, the process of installing some standard programs can be timeconsuming.
This applies primarily to programs such as Java, Flash, Acrobat Reader and Silverlight. Applications that everyone needs right from the start to be able to move around freely on the web. Since this software is constantly updated, it is not practical to package them together. It would then be forced to make a new package each week
This is where Ninite enters into the game. From this page, you can easily choose what products it is that we want, which is then packaged as a script and downloaded with the selected programs included. The advantage is that you can always download the packages from the web. These are therefore always up to date and then downloads, simply run the script from any PC. To make matters even better so says no thanks Ninite automatically to every conceivable add-on products as they try to cheat on us during the installation of these components. Example of these is the Google Toolbar, McAfee Total Protection, Live Toolbar, etc.
Very practical and effective!

Note: the bad grammar is to be blamed on Google translate. This post was originally published in a small-minded language from the polar regions


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