Sunday, June 20, 2010

Online storage solutions

This is might not be entirely relevant, cause Microsoft are in progress of making big changes to the structure and workflow of Skydrive and it’s siblings Live Mesh and Foldershare(LiveSync). However if you’re like me and using Live Mesh to sync your essential files between computers this might be of value to you.

I have a lot of pictures. 3-4GB and steadily increasing. These needs to be backed up somewhere and I don’t really believe burning a lot of discs that’ll I'll loose anyways. Picasa is too limited i space and like Live Spaces, everything is about sharing there. Which is not always something we want to do with photos, believe it or not.

Skydrive was looking quite good for its 25GB of storage, but management was limited to using webgui which was too much work. I was looking for a way to access Skydrive through Explorer when I came across this little simple solutions.

Get the skydrive address for one of your folders. For example
Now change it to this:

Add this address to a custom network location from My Computer interface. Now you can drag and drop files to skydrive!

Caution though, it’s not very reliable. When trying to shuffle +2GB for uploading it choppy at best. For better performance one might use SDExplorer, which seems promising. Gladinet is also a good candidate, but I’ll usally try to avoid 3rd party applications when there’s an built-in alternative.

If it’s not working for you, try and access Skydrive from Office 2010 first. This might be necessary to “activate” the feature.

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