Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can’t get workflow to start when mailing to list

I just had major problem with getting a workflow to start when mailing to a sharepoint 2010 list. I found this solution to the problem. Not really obvious so im putting it here.
Error description: When mailing to announcement or document library list, a workflow configured to start when new item is created, doesn’t start. When creating item manually in list the workflow kicks off without any problems.
Solution: On the sharepoint server. Check if mailto list is enabled
/> stsadm -o getproperty -pn declarativeworkflowautostartonemailenabled
if this is returned: <Property Exist=”No” />
or <Property Exist="Yes" Value="fales" />
Then run /> stsadm -o setproperty -pn declarativeworkflowautostartonemailenabled -pv true
It will take a few seconds but after this the workflow starts when mail is received to the list.

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