Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conditional filtering on Sharepoint Lists

To do conditional filtering on one or several Sharepoint 2010 lists

1. Create a new page.
2. Insert Web parts Sharepoint List Filter or Text Filter
3. Insert webpart for one or more lists
4. On Text Filter webpart, choose Edit
5. Choose Connections>Send Filter Values to “ListName”
6. Configure Connection > Choose column (Consumer Field Name) to filter against.
7. Save
imageimage8. Enter value in Text Filter webpart to filter.
The Sharepoint List Filter webpart can be used if you have a list where you can retrieve a column which can want to filter by. There’s a built in limitation in the Sharepoint list view for 100items. This can circumvented in some yet unknown way.
Requires full Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Server.

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