Monday, September 24, 2012

VPN Setup for Server 2008 R2

It’s good to have access to the home network occasionally. This is purely for my own convenience

This is how to setup Server 2008 R2

1. Install role “Network policy and Access services”

2. Select role services “Routing and Remote Access”>Remote Access Services |Routing

3. Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access from node

4. Choose Custom Configuration

5. Choose “VPN Access”

6. Finish and Start Service.

7. Add static address pool to the IPv4 tab on the Routing and remote access.


Now for the firewall ports must be opened: PPTP:1723 TCP 47 GRE . L2TP over IPSEC: 1701, TCP 500 UDP .

These ports are opened auto in Windows Firewall. For the physical firewall, in this case a Juniper Netscreen 5GT do following.

    • set service CustomPPTP group “other” 47 src 2048-2048 dst 2048-2048
    • set service CustomPPTP + tcp src 0-65535 dst 1723-1723
    • set vip multi-port
    • Save and reboot firewall.
    • set interface ethernet3 vip 2048 CustomPPTP mylocalserverIP (This might be a bit flaky and can be set from the gui instead).
    • set policy from untrust to trust “any” “VIP::1” CustomPPTP permit



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