Thursday, March 21, 2013

Displaying different Infopathforms in list

For some situations we might want to show a list, like when we’re creating an Item. While other situations we need to see a more clean view, like for printing and such.

Enter Infopath views! under Page Design > View , we can create a totally different form, but based on the same listitem. image

There’s already an Printview inplace but we can create a new one for viewing.

Now, we’ve create a new view and we want this to be the default one when clicking View Item in a list.

  1. Under List>Customize List>Form Web Parts v>[ContentType Forms] (Item) Display Formimage
  2. Edit Infopath form Web part, change Views to your preferred view, like Printview



Its also possible to create a button in a form and switch views by clicking farily easy.

  1. Create button
  2. Control Tool>Properties>Add Rule>When this button is clicked>Switch Views



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