Wednesday, September 11, 2013


To configure autodiscover for Exchange 2013 without one of those fancy Unified Communication Certificates, use an SRV record. This will handle Out Of Office functions (and autoconfigure from Outlook at least).
Put a DNS record for the relevant domain
Type: Other>SRV
Service: _autodiscover
Port number :443
Host offering service :
A nice little window will popup for all Outlook users after this, urging them to allow the change. Doing so will reconfigure their local email, taking with them any local archivefiles.
All very automatic.

Edit after being tried in the real world:
Ok, so it didn't really work as expected when it got deployed. If Outlook tries to reconfigure an existing account it doesn't seem to manage if the current account is in Cached Mode. Therefore it lands in temporary land. But still, thanks to this srv-record its really easy to set up the email from scratch, just enter your emailaddress and account settings and it configures mailserversettings automaticly. could have been better ms... 

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