Thursday, September 26, 2013

Increase RCP connections to exchange 2013


Some users get error in Outlook:

Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously. Try closing messages you have opened or removing attachments and images from unsent messages you are composing.

usually happens when working with many calendars.


Every calendar is one rpcconnections. The default limitation in Exchange 2013 is 40 connections per user. When having 30+ shared calenders and 2 mailboxes this limitation might occur more often than not.


Create a new throttlingpolicy and increase allowed rpcconnections.

/> new-throttlingpolicy “mypolicy” –rcamaxconcurrency:200

/> set-mailbox john.doe –throttlingpolicy “mypolicy”

Verify policy set by:

/> get-mailbox john.doe |select throttlingpolicy

Script to apply this to many boxes:


foreach ($user in get-content testusers.txt)


set-mailbox $user -throttlingpolicy "mypolicy"

write-host "$user is processed."




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