Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Passwordprompts when opening documents

The passwordsprompts on a sharepointserver might be considered very secure. Since you often always have to give username and passwords. This might however prevent useradoptionrate. These passwordsprompt usually make users (and admins) annoyed. I’ve authenticated already, why do this every time?

So to get rid of passwordsprompts in sharepoint verify these common configuration issues.

  • The site isn’t present in Internet Options Intranetzone. If you access server by internal name like http://myserver its their by default, but if you’re using a public address like http://myserver.mydomain.com then you need to add it manually.
  • Credentials isn’t saved. Check the Credentials manager to see if the saved passwords are stored there. If they aint there, add them.
  • Autodiscover Proxy is activated in LAN-settings in Internet Options. This might delay authenticationprocess if proxy is misconfigured internally.
  • Security level is higher than necessary in Intranet Zone. Lower it. These sites are usually pretty tightly secured anyway.
  • Wrong password in saved in credentials manager. Ok, if you save the wrong password the first time or you’ve changed the password since, you’re better of removing youre previous accounts from the credential manager and make a fresh start to sure.
  • Using Firefox you can add the sharepointserver to trusted sites in
    • about:config
    • network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris = myserver (more than one is separated by “,”






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