Thursday, January 30, 2014

Local SMTP with Sharepoint 2013

Sharepoint isn’t very flexible when it comes to email server.

Enter the local smtpserver.

  1. Install SMTPServer
  2. Configure SMTP-Service using IIS6.0 Management Tools
    1. Access>Relay image
    2. Delivery>Outbound Security>basic authentication image
    3. Delivery>Outbound Connection> Specify TCP port
    4. Delivery>Advanced image
    5. All OK.
  3. Configure Centralt Administration>Web Application> Outgoing email = myserver.mydomain.local

It should work immediatly. No need to reset IIS or restart the smtpserver.

Sometimes youre mailing servers you cant verify settings on. Then Gmail can be used to verify the mailflow.

For google

  • Basic Authentication = , pwd: mypassword, use TSL
  • Use TCP port 587
  • Smarthost =

To check email flow on local server, drive:\inetpub\mailroot\queue folder can be monitored. When mail is sent from sharepoint ,it lands in this folder while contacting the smtpserver. When there’s a problem, the mail will be stuck here. In some situations it might be needed to empty this folder, then content in this folder can be deleted if the iisadmin service first is stopped.

/>stop-service iisadmin

/>start-service iisadmin

/>start-service smtpsvc


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