Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thumbs in Searchresults in SP2010

Was working from instructions trying to get Thumbnails from an Assetlibrary to be displayed in an Searchresultspage, but couldnt get the thumbs to stick.

Finally I tried removing “contentypeforsearch.=’image’  frome the xsl-customizations and it started working right away. Somehow the images in my results wasn’t interpreted as images. Maybe the .jpg filetype needs to added manually or something.

In this case, its a Imagesearch result page so the results are always images.

It works, im happy. customer happy. Done.


<xsl:when test="contenttypeforsearch[. = 'Image'] and contentclass[. = 'STS_ListItem_851']">


<xsl:when test="contentclass[. = 'STS_ListItem_851']">

References: – the moneyshot – a bit old, still generally informational. – details regarding how the crawling properties works.

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