Friday, February 07, 2014

Alerts not working for some users

Nuisance mayor.

A client had an issue with alerts not working for some users.


Sorry something went wrong. The following users do not have an e-maildress specified:

Turned out email issues overall for these users.

Tried did not succed.

  • Restarted Server
  • User Profile Sync new full
  • Removed failing users profile from User Profiles and did a new full sync.
  • Changed settings for email in AD, synced verified changes where coming through. Changed back, still same issue.


Tried running />get-spuser –web http://myserv | select userlogin,displayname,email 

Noted that email was missing for the difficult users. Now why is that?

Verifed that Replicable was activated on the User Profile Properties settings for the emailfield. All looked good.

Fixed it by running :

/>$myuser = get-spuser –web http://myserv |?{$_.displayname –like “*myuser*”}

/> set-spuser –identity $myuser –web http://myserv –SyncFromAD

To identify accounts with no email

/> get-spuser –web http://myserv | where {-Not $} |select userlogin,email

To output add |export-csv myusers.txt


External client weren’t so interrested in putting in more time to figure out exactly what was wrong in the first place. New users for example are adding their email field from the AD without any issues. The problem users were added to the site prior to defining the email attribut in the AD so that may have been an issue aswell. Im still fidning it odd that the email were looking like they should in the User profile Services but not when using powershell. might be that the user profile service is making a lookup in the AD when browsing the profiles, but can’t be sure .

Solution found. Cause unknown. ill revisit this later.

References: – email not available efter moving user Tells us email must be added prior to adding user to sp.

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