Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Workflow Manager installation

Sharepoint 2013 farm needs Sharepoint 2013 workflow support.


  1. Install webplattforminstaller on computer with internetacess. Go to c:\program files\microsoft\web plattform installer\ with cmd
  2. Run webpicmd.exe (for scenarios when internetaccess is unavailable)
    1. WebpiCMd.exe /Offline /Products:WorkflowManagerRefresh /Path:c:\xss\workflowmanagerrefresh
    2. Webpicmd /install /products:workmanagerrefresh /xml:c:\xss\workflowmanagerrefresh\feeds\latest\webproductlist.xml
    3. On members on the farm (not hosting workflow manager)webpicmd /install /products:workflowclient /xml:c:\xss\workflowmanagerrefresh\feeds\latest\webproductlist.xml
  3. Run Workflowmanager config
  4. Register-workflow från sharepoint shell (ps)
    1. Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite –WorkflowHostUri –AllowOAuthHttp –Force -ScopeName SharePoint
  5. Verify installation with Sharepoint designer, Workflow 2013 available.


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