Tuesday, July 07, 2015

IIS headers and powershell

Scenario: Have old IIS-site on a different server, need to get all headers for a site to new IIS-site on another server. I could’t find any easy way to do it via gui, but scripting was pretty easy using the builtin IIS cmdlets.
So export all headers to textfile, edit that one if you need, and the import on new server.

$iisSite = "mysite"
$path = "C:\Scripts\IIS-HostHeaders\hostheaders_mysite.csv"
$mybindings = Get-WebBinding -Name $iisSite | select protocol,bindinginformation
foreach ($binding in $mybindings)
write-output "Adding protocol $($binding.protocol) with binding $($binding.bindinginformation)"
$mybindings | export-csv -Path $path -NoTypeInformation


$myfilename = "hostheaders.csv"
$site = "myNewSite"
$importfile = "$(Split-Path -Parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)\$myfilename"

import-csv $importfile -Delimiter "," |ForEach-Object {
try {
$hostheader = $_.bindinginformation | %{$_.split(':')[-1]}
New-WebBinding -Name $site -Protocol $_.protocol -HostHeader $hostheader
write-host -foregroundcolor green "Added $hostheader to $site with protocol $($_.protocol)"
catch {write-host -foreground yellow "Couldn't do it. Already there?" }


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