Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Speedier scripts

Some notes on how to handle output from scripts.
I did some comparing on how much extra time is added on executiontime just by using write-output to display information to users.
While running script below these are the results:

With write-output uncommented : 11,8s
With write-progress uncommented: 3,9s
With no output: 0,9s

$global:varNumb = 1

function foo {

 #write-host "entering function 'foo'"

 write-verbose "entering function 'foo'"


 #write-host "completed function 'foo' $varnumb"

 write-verbose "completed function 'foo' $global:varnumb"



$startTime = get-date

write-host "script started at $startime"

$cycles = 1000

$i = 1

1..$cycles | foreach {

 #write-progress -Activity "Processing..." -CurrentOperation "Working on $i"

 #write-output "Testar $i"





$endtime = get-date

write-host "Done in $(($endtime-$starttime).totalseconds) seconds"




Its amazing how much time is added just by adding write-output.
But as seen in this example write-progress is prefererred, if anything.
I suggest using write-verbose instead of write-output and changing $verbosepreference = Continue when needed. This is by default SilentlyContinue



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