Friday, April 13, 2012

After using Nokia Lumia 800 for 3 months…

I still enjoy it! Though none else seems to belive it’s possible to be satisfied with another phone than the iPhone I beg to differ. I previously had a iPhone4 but in the end the phone was pretty slow when doing basicly everything. The camera was still the worst part, taking forever to open the shutter and things like that. This is Lumias biggest strength! It so fast when navigating, which is what I and other businessusers mostly do.

But still here are a few issues that I find rather annoying with the Lumia, small issues but still.

- Pictures or attachements in emails often doesn’t download. and the button to download these is to small and far down.

- When using self-signed certificates on your Exchangeserver there isn’t a easy way to install these. On the iphone you just needed to accept the selfsigned cert and eveything was golden. On the Windows Mobile 6.1 you could just copy and install the cert to the phone memory. But on the latest WinPhone I had to send the certificate to my Gmail and open the Gmail from the Lumia to be able to install the cert. From OWA the .cer was blocked. I understand the security issue here, but it shouldn’t be this hard to install a cert when it is allowed on the server!

- The phone reboots to easily. It’s happend on more than one occasion that I accidently rebooted the phone because I leaned towards something so the powerbutton got pressed for too long. It should be required to make a screen gesture before it restarts. For some reason the screen shows that you have to drag the screen downwards to restart, but if you keep pressing that power button it restarts anyways. Bad design call!

- Where is Internet Sharing? We're waiting and why do they get in Hong Kong but not in Sweden? Whats the hold up?

All these are things that should be fixable through software updates. So get to it!

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