Thursday, April 26, 2012

Backup Exec 2012

Exciting times! This time around Symantec actually has added a few features I’ve previously been missing!

In no particular order here are my favourites

  • Backup to virtual machine. With option to convert existing backupset to virtual machine. both vmware and hyper-v
  • Autoupdate for remote agents when central server is updated
  • Support for powershell commands
  • Simplefied disaster recovery. No longer the need to have exactly the right version of OS on disc when performing recovery
  • Improvements on the vwmare-agent, which provides the ability to redirect restore to newer hardware-versions. For example redirect to “Hardware Version 8”. Great for migrations hopefully!
  • Improvements on the exchangeagen, which provides ability to restore mailbox or public folder items into PST-files. This is a great one! This never worked well when you had to restore directly into the active exchangedatabase. Hopefully this will remove our need for third party software to do exactly this!
  • When backing up virtual disks, only used space is transferred. Goes for both hyper-v and Vmware.

On the negative side they seem to have overhauled the old system of using policies to create jobs, which I’ve been forcing everyone around me to use. It’s gonna be interesting to see if the new methods are scalable like before…

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