Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DaRT–crash analyzing tool, among other things

DaRT is a nifty tool that should be in every Windows-technicians portfolio.
You need to have access to Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack to aquire this tool, but this is usually available to Volym Licensing subscribers.

It’s an official Microsoft Tool and it can scan an offline OS and among other things do the following:
- Scan for Virusinfections
- check BSOD-dumps
- restore deleted files
- crack forgotten local passwords
- browse harddrive and mount USB-drive and copy files from localdrive to usb
- repair disc-volumes
- perform dod-standard Disc Wipe
- manage and add drivers
- Check integrity of systemcritical files.
- Access and edit registry

Steps to create ERD disc.
 1. Install ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard.
 2. Mount a iso with Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2. Note that some tools only work if the image on which it is based on is the same as the target system.
           a. Some of these tools are Hotfixa Uninstall, SFC Scan, Computer Management, Event Viewer,  Locksmith.
3. Choose which tools should be included. Something like locksmith might be something you left out in this disc, if it is intended to be distributed in some form.
4. Update Sweeper definitions.
5. Add drivers if needed.
6. Add additional files if you have some tool you want to include.
7. Specify location
8. Create iso.
9. Burn created ISO.

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