Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Multiple dnsregistrations for multihomed servers

Sometimes I have more than one NIC on a server. I have my reasons for this.

This can give issues with the wrong address responding in the network. For example a user trying to reach the fileserver suddenly get answers from the fileservers other NIC, which isn’t even on the same subnet. Of course this results in a timeout until the users computer figure out that the other address for the fileserver actually works.

This is because the fileserver in this instance, have two addresses registered in the DNS.

When I remove the other, wrong address from the DNS, it’s back in an hour or so. Since all NICs are registered when netlogon service restart every hour or so.

To rid us of this annoyance and let us have our multihomed machines in solitude :

1. Disable Register this connection’s addresses in DNS

2. Disable NetBios over TCP/IP

3. Disable DNS-listening on specific interface

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