Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Office365 problems

Customer reported issues with their Office365 exchange today.
I actually had to call the supportline to get the status address for the services. Not that this helped. As it was with the Admin Dashboard all services where greenlighted. When I turned to the office365 forums the tune was another. When i posted my sorrows I got feedback from Russia, Sweden, Germany and Norway. Probable cause is the storm Sandy which has caused some havoc in the Big Apple central network node. Maybe the atlantic cable, though you would think this wouldnt happen since we got our own datacenters here in Europe.
Anyways here are some good statuspages that proved difficult to find.
Check speed to MS Services :
Status of services:
Create ticket:
Supportnumbers for Sweden: 020-160 58 99 (they try real hard to hide these)

Update  121101.0938
Services started to function again around 1600-1700  GMT+1 yesterday.
Still no updates on the status pages above though, which I find disconcerting. Whats the point of a uptime chart if MS only updates it when they feel like it?
Link to post for the issue :

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